Debugging on Galaxy A50 Enable USB by Activating Developer Options

debugging on galaxy a50

Today, we will share with you a guideline on how to enable USB debugging on Galaxy A50 and the best way to activate the developer options. Anytime that you want to install the TWRP recovery, to unlock the bootloader and sideload apps, this guideline is what you need to understand more about the process. You cannot find USB debugging by default when you are using … Read more

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Galaxy A50 on Text Message a Schedule Complete Guide

galaxy a50 on text message

Do you want to schedule a galaxy a50 on text message a schedule complete guide to some people at the same time? If so, it can take time when you have to send the same message one by one. At the same time, you may have a lot of activity that it is almost impossible to send the text message simultaneously. Gladly, Samsung Galaxy A50 … Read more

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Can You use Galaxy A50 as a Charger? – Things to Know

galaxy a50 as a charger

Can you use Galaxy A50 as a charger? Well, this is your big question and we will try to answer it here. Samsung supports some of their product as a charger and you can call this technology wireless PowerSharing. So, this innovative feature lets you use your device as a charger. Another name of this feature is reserve wireless charging, it allows you to use … Read more

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Flashlight Brightness On Galaxy A50 Best Way to Adjust

flashlight brightness on galaxy a50

A phone is more than just a device to call family or friends. Well, when you are walking in the dark, you need your phone as a flashlight. There are a few simple steps on how to adjust flashlight brightness on Galaxy A50 if you are using this device. When you are looking for something under the couch, don’t worry. You can use this device … Read more

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