Flashlight Brightness On Galaxy A50 Best Way to Adjust

A phone is more than just a device to call family or friends. Well, when you are walking in the dark, you need your phone as a flashlight. There are a few simple steps on how to adjust flashlight brightness on Galaxy A50 if you are using this device.

flashlight brightness on galaxy a50

When you are looking for something under the couch, don’t worry. You can use this device as a flashlight and adjust the brightness level. This way will help you even see the darkest spots.

Tutorial to Adjust the Flashlight Brightness on Galaxy A50

  1. First of all, you have to swipe down from the top of the device’s screen to access the quick settings panel. After that, find the word “Flashlight”, not the icon. It works to help you switch on and off the flashlight.
  2. Once you access the settings page for this feature, tap the switch to turn it on or off. This way will give you access to the slider and control the brightness level. To adjust flashlight brightness on Galaxy A50 to the low level, then you have to move the slider to level 1. On the other hand, if you move the slider to level 5, it will increase the brightness to a high level.
  3. After that, tap the switch at the top to turn it off.

How to Turn On Flashlight From The Lock Screen

From the home page of your device, it is possible to have an application shortcut such as the camera, the lamp, or the flashlight. It provides you direct access to a function of your device without unlocking it.

However, you must download and then install this application first. After that, you can display the app shortcut, which is a flashlight, by following the tutorial below:

  • Head to Settings of your Galaxy Galaxy A50s
  • Choose lock screen
  • After that, go down to the menu. Here, you can choose application shortcuts.
  • You can select the location of this shortcut.
  • Click for example on the shortcut left.
  • Choose the flashlight app.

The flashlight shortcut will be added to the lock screen. Anytime that you want to use this app, you just have to use your finger on the flashlight icon and then slide using your finger towards the center of this device’s screen.

Enable the Flashlight with The Notification Panel on Galaxy A50

Well, it is incomplete if you just learn the tutorial on how to adjust flashlight brightness on Galaxy A50. So, we would like to give you more information including the simple method to turn on the flashlight with the notification panel as below:

  • Unlock the device
  • On the home page slide, you can slide the screen using your finger from the top to the bottom.
  • Your device will display several icons and then choose the flashlight. Tap on the icon.
  • Your flashlight is on

Of course, sometimes you will find yourself walking in the dark and when it is almost impossible to see anything, you have to turn on the flashlight on your device. Using the tutorials above helps you a lot to enjoy the function of this feature.


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