Can You use Galaxy A50 as a Charger? – Things to Know

Can you use Galaxy A50 as a charger? Well, this is your big question and we will try to answer it here. Samsung supports some of their product as a charger and you can call this technology wireless PowerSharing. So, this innovative feature lets you use your device as a charger.

Another name of this feature is reserve wireless charging, it allows you to use the power and then share the battery to charge Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds+, and other Samsung compatible devices easily. It also works with other Qi-certified devices as the common standard. As long as your device is possible to charge using Qi, then you can use this feature.

galaxy a50 as a charger

Using Galaxy A50 As a Charger

But, the question is can you use Galaxy A50? In fact, Samsung only adds this feature to the following devices:

  • Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S 20+
  • S20 Ultra
  • Z Flip

When your device is low on battery, it is very simple to add more from power-sharing. What you need to do is to place your device (Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and Z Flip), and then face your device down on a sturdy surface such as a table. After that, you can place this device to charge in the middle of the back of your device. If there is a display, then the screen will display the charging performance.

For example, when you are using this feature for Galaxy Buds+, you will see the charging light. Additionally, Wireless PowerShare is only for the following smartphones:

  • Galaxy S20
  • S20+
  • S20 Ultra
  • Z Flip
  • Note 10
  • Note 10+
  • S10
  • S10e
  • S10+
  • Fold

To answer your big question to use Galaxy A50 as a charger from wireless PowerSharing, it means that the device does not have this feature.

Charging your device without using Samsung A50

Well, what if you are not using Galaxy A50 and you want to charge your device without using a phone charger? Well, the method you need is a charging cable that is compatible with your Android device. Alternatively, you can use a wireless charging pad.

For using the USB port, make sure that the cable is compatible with the device. Simply plug your device into your laptop to charge the device. Other than that, it is possible to find alternate USB ports to do this task.

Mostly, there are USB ports in airports and coffee shops to provide enough power anytime you want to charge a standard smartphone. Some hotels also offer USB ports near bedside tables or lamps. Usually, they are using the USB-A shape. After that, you can plug the end of the charging cable of the USB into the USB port. Finally, you just have to plug the other end into the device that you want to charge.

The last thing to do when you have no Galaxy A50 for a charger, you can use a wireless charger. Well, it helps a lot to charge your device easily and instantly. If the smartphone has wireless charging, you do not have to do anything other than placing the phone on this charging pod.

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