Galaxy A50 Battery With 4,000mAh & How Long Does The Battery Last

Galaxy A50 battery capacity comes with 4,000mAh just like the presence of Redmi Notes. It works with a 15W charging unit. The battery life makes the device work for 16 hours playing looping videos but in airplane mode.

galaxy a50 battery

Samsung is one of the well-known brands for top TV makers, and now Apple takes the market. Mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones, and some other devices from Samsung are also popular, with an impressive display and excellent performance.

How Long Does The Battery Last on Samsung A50

Additionally, Samsung Galaxy A50 becomes one of the hot products on the markets once the giant factory released it. The use of a lithium battery pack, also breaks the history of a gadget that performs long hours with the screen turned on, during the idle state. However, the battery life of the Samsung A50 depends on several factors such as the way you use the smartphone, the application, the battery settings, and others.

When it comes to battery performance, it can work for 12 hours on a Wi-Fi web browsing script. Eventually, it works for more than a day when it is for 3G talk time. What makes it more complete is the presence of its performance and its endurance rating that reaches 98h.

The battery usage is the first factor that will determine how long the battery can drain. The more you are using the device, the faster the battery will drain. The question is the lifespan of the battery. The average life of the battery is about two to three years. Even it can last more if you have good maintenance on your device battery.

As one of the most popular mid-range smartphone with reliable performance, Samsung features it with an impressive display and the specifications of this device is perfect for gaming and other applications.

The Galaxy A50 is one of the most reliable and best mid-range smartphone options offered by Samsung today. It is a feature-packed device, and Samsung offers it with an exceptional display. Also, you will love the decent specs ideal for gaming and other various applications.

Fast Battery Draining Problems

There is indeed a downgrade of Galaxy A50 battery capacity from 5,000mAh becomes 4,000mAh. Of course, it is a surprising change, but it still has a good battery performance. It is because the device can work for an entire day and in moderate use, it still has enough power to work for the next day. Moreover, the battery of the Samsung Galaxy A50 allows you to use the device for a full day for a heavy gaming experience.

Besides, Samsung completes it with a 15-w fast-charging system, this is a nice addition to its battery pack. Now, one of the most popular questions from the users is about fast battery draining. There are two main reasons why the battery drains too fast. First, it is the device’s power settings that force the hardware to take a lot of energy.

The second reason is the applications or the background operations. This activity increases the use of the battery which can increase the drain rate as well. For example, if your device has a 100% of brightness level together with some active connectivity features. This way will increase the performance of the hardware, and it gives a big impact on the Galaxy A50 battery capacity.


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