Samsung Galaxy A50 Camera Quality Full Review

Galaxy A50 Camera comes with a triple camera to complete its back. The main camera has a 25 MP PDAF f/1.7 snapper. Also it has a fixed focus 8 MP, ultra-wide camera f/2.2 with a fixed-focus 5 MP f/2.2 depth sensor. Samsung also supports this device with a single LED flash.

galaxy a50 camera

The 5MP Camera is not a standalone feature that will take the actual pictures but it works with “Depth Camera”, which Samsung calls the “Live Focus”. In another word, Samsung offers this device with a 25-MP resolution sensor for the primary camera behind the fast lens f/1.7 aperture lens. It produces a 120-degree field of view.

If you compare the camera to other current Samsung phones, it looks the same. Samsung only provides more icons to complete the viewfinder. This way will support the phone to control the camera lenses. There is a 3-tree icon which means it offers an ultra-wide-angle camera. Meanwhile, the 2-tree means regular camera.

Galaxy A50 Camera Operation

The basic operation is the same as the usual, which you only need to side swipes for exploring modes. Also, use up or down the action to toggle the cameras; front and rear. Additionally, this phone has an AI-powered Scene optimizer. This mode recognizes different types of scenes to adjust the parameters. Galaxy A50 Camera is not too far from the other Samsung camera phones.

Speaking of the camera quality, it shoots pictures in 12 MP by default, but you can change the aspect settings. Use 3:4 for 12 MP, and use 3:4H to generate pictures in 25 MP. However, when you are using 25 MP, the phone cannot work for Auto HDR.

It is not something too much to say that this device can produce soft photos. But, you will see the sharpening halos clearly in the picture. On the other hand, it is still good, especially for the colors. The camera quality offers accurate colors, excellent contrast, and the dynamic range is quite good.

For the ultra-wide camera, this device delivers 8MP distorted images even though you are not using any distortion correction. Of course, it can be an issue because the function of the wide-angle snappers is to fits into the 4:3 image. Even if the pixel quality is not at a great level, but this device has excellent contrasts and colors. Samsung also improves the dynamic range by adding the Auto HDR without sacrificing the color presentation.


It is better not to use the Galaxy A50 Camera 25 MP to take low-light photos because it delivers less detail, noisy, soft, but a little bit blurry. Instead, you need to use the 12 MP to take much better pictures. Besides, the 12 MP camera has a good color saturation. Also, it is important to note that Samsung does not add a Night Mode on this device.

When Exynos 9610’S ISO should compatible to provide a 4K video recording, you will not see it on the Galaxy A50. To solve this matter, you need to use a third-party app to get 4K clips such as the OpenCamera app by downloading it from the PlayStore.

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