Galaxy A50 Display AMOLED Screens And Improvements

Galaxy A50 display is not the only improvement to offer in this device. The Korean giant makes this smartphone more diversified than before. Samsung has launched the Galaxy A10, A20, A30, A40, A50, A70, and A80 devices. Those come with the highlight of a new AMOLED screen and improved camera performance. And as you know, it goes the same for the Galaxy A50.


The Galaxy A series comes out to complete the premium mid-range smartphones on the market. What makes it interesting is the way Samsung offers some transformations to their devices. For example, the previous model came out with the use of all-metal materials to make the water-resistant design. After some experiments, they decided to highlight the device with trendy features such as ultra-wide-angle cameras and AMOLED display.

The Galaxy A50 Display and Changes

The Galaxy A50 hits the market as the base model with the use of HD AMOLED and the less impressive camera. The higher models go for A70 and A80. These phones come out with a bigger screen, more powerful chip, and better cameras. And what makes the device is special is that the Galaxy A50 display as the base model has cool specifications at a lower price.

All Galaxy A models come out with the super AMOLED screen. It is not a combo breaker, but it is featured with a super AMOLED screen in size of 6.4-inch. Additionally, the screen resolution is 1080p+. Also, the A50 has an Infinity-U panel. It means the notch of the device, especially for the selfie camera has a U-shaped design.

Asides from the U-shaped notch, the Super AMOLED screen is like fresh air. It is because the device has a high quality we can expect. The maximum brightness when this device is in manual mode is around 420 nits. Meanwhile, when it is in auto mode, it has 550nits.

Moreover, the Galaxy A50 display has a nice performance. It can reproduce different color spaces accurately on its content and display mode.


This year, the Samsung A50 display becomes an interesting offer for its fans. The revamped device helps it to shift its position on the market. Samsung Galaxy A50 has some cool features yet it has a low price to offer.

And things get better when the Galaxy A50 has an impressive design. Thankfully, Samsung supports it with colorful display called the AMOLED screen. Also, it has the under-screen fingerprint scanner. The camera is good enough with the chipset that supports your gaming experience. The battery is everything here because it has a quite big capacity. The best part is the competitive price which makes this device has a reasonable offer for the fans.

Even though this device is not a water-resistant smartphone just like the old predecessor, but it does not a big deal. Everything is so right in this device, including the Galaxy A50 display. Other good things are the color option, the design, the battery capacity, and the performance. The images are still not quite impressive in its details. But, it offers high-resolution as long as the light is sufficient.

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