Galaxy A50 Features: Most Popular Mid-Range Smartphones

Galaxy A50 features answer the demand of its loyal buyers. Samsung completes it with a 4,000 mAh Battery for fast charging, multi-lens camera for 25/8/5MP, expandable storage, and infinity display. As the two-year-old Android phone, the company committed to supporting it with Android 11, including the One UI 3.

galaxy a50 features

One of the best Galaxy A50 features is the battery life. When you are using your phone for a million things, of course, you do not want to charge it often. For example, you have a big event or a busy day, then you need a phone that can last for many hours.

This is what you will get when you use Galaxy A50. The battery can last for more than 35 hours. If you want to get more, the Fast Charge lets you charge it quickly.



When it comes to the design, Samsung took plastic all around the body to make sure that the weight is 166 grams. The downside, you need a quality case to make sure that there will be no scratches over time.

Moreover, the reduction in its weight is not the only improvement to show. It has an ergonomics design with a smooth back panel and curves. This design lets you hold it comfortably without any hard edges.

Galaxy A50 Memory

Do you use your phone to keep massive memories? Well, it is annoying when you use your phone to record a video but it automatically stops because the storage is not enough. Samsung completes Galaxy A50 with built-in memory. It offers 64GB which is more than enough to save almost everything. This built-in memory is a nice space to save more than 100,000 photos. Additionally, you can expand the memory by using a microSD card so it can save 512GB.


Anytime that you want to get a perfect shot, use Samsung Galaxy A50. This phone has an Ultra-Wide Camera and triple camera lenses to capture in low-light, take wider photos, or make a perfect selfie. The best feature of the camera is Flaw Detection. It works intuitively to detect when you take blurry photos, someone has blinked, or other imperfections. This detection lets you know so you can make another video or shot when the moment is still right.

Moreover, the camera has automatic adjustment in low light. This feature lets your camera adjust automatically during day or night in any condition. The presence of an ultra-wide 123-degree field helps you capture more in every single shot.

Galaxy A50 Other Features

Samsung also features Galaxy A50 with a sleek Super AMOLED screen in size of 6.4-inch. The design is slim that you can hold it comfortably and it fits easily in the pocket. Furthermore, you can unlock this device easily with a simple touch. Samsung completes it with an in-display fingerprint scanner. This feature recognizes your fingerprint to make sure that only you, the person that can access your device.

The last important thing to know about Galaxy A50 features is the UI Interface. Samsung completes it with a large screen, to make you easily use this device. Everything is added that you can reach easily, including the pop-up items that you need.

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