Galaxy A50 Group Message On Steps to Send Some People

Send group message on Galaxy A50 is what you need to do if you want to send the same information to some people at the same time. For example, you want to notify several people about a common event, or you have a big promotion for your product and you want to notify this information to your customers.

galaxy a50 group message

Well, when you are trying to send a bulk message, the task is not obvious. In this tutorial, you can send group messages easily. To start this tutorial, it is important to understand the classic way to send group messages by using the integrated messaging app. Of course, you can send messages to some contacts in two methods.

First, you can create a direct conversation and then choose the different contacts you want to send the message to. Alternatively, you can create a contact group so you can send messages to some people in your contacts.

How to Send Group Message on Galaxy A50

It is nice that you have this solution to make your life easier when it comes to text messaging. You can follow the same procedure just like when you are sending an SMS to contact with small detail. When you choose the recipient, you just have to choose all correspondents.

At this point, you need to launch the native messaging app on Samsung Galaxy A50. After that, you can hit on the logo, the conversation bubble located at the bottom right of your screen display. Once on the display, you can press the insert and then choose “Address”.

To continue, choose several contacts you want to send the text to and then long-press on each of the contacts you select. After that, your device will display a symbol on the contact’s emoji. Here, you can choose “Ok” and then go back to the chat window. Here, you will compose the text and then send it to the group SMS you have made on Samsung Galaxy A50.

Tips to Create Contact Groups on Galaxy A50

If you want to send a group message on Galaxy A50, the next method to try is creating a contact group. Here are the complete steps on how to create the contact groups on your device:

  • Turn off your Galaxy A50 and open the application, go to the Contacts page.
  • After that, you can see three small vertical dots, tap on them. At this point, you will access the settings menu.
  • To continue, you need to open the submenu and then choose Groups.
  • The next thing to do is to create a group.
  • Here, you should create a name for the contact group. After that, choose the contacts to add to this group.
  • Confirm

By following the tutorials above, it will help you a lot to send group message on Galaxy A50. Well, it is very easy to try using this tutorial. Group messages help you send messages to three or more people in your contact. It is interesting to try group messages because you do not have to use software to send the same messages to different people at the same time. This feature helps you increase the functionality of your device, as well.


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