Galaxy A50 on Text Message a Schedule Complete Guide

Do you want to schedule a galaxy a50 on text message a schedule complete guide to some people at the same time? If so, it can take time when you have to send the same message one by one. At the same time, you may have a lot of activity that it is almost impossible to send the text message simultaneously.

Gladly, Samsung Galaxy A50 has a feature to schedule to send a text message. You just have to write the text and then send it later at the time you want to someone. You can learn to do so in this tutorial.

galaxy a50 on text message

Method 1 to Schedule a Text Message on Galaxy A50

  1. Open the home screen on your Galaxy A50. After that, access the app’s screen by swiping up from the center of your device’s display. Note that the instructions are for Standard mode and default home screen layout.
  2. Choose Messages. Continue by changing the SMS app by confirming “Yes” if prompted.
  3. Go to the Inbox and then choose the new message icon at the lower-right of your screen.
  4. You must enter a 10-digit mobile number. Alternatively, find a contact name in the recipient field of your Samsung Galaxy A50. Once you entered the contact number, there will be a matching contact on the screen. Choose it at any time.
  5. If you want to add an attachment, you can tap on the add icon at the lower-left in the field of “Enter message”. After that, locate and choose the right attachment.
  6. From the enter message field, you can enter the message.
  7. Choose the send icon.

Method 2 to Schedule Messages From Google Messages

Recently, Google announced that they are adding a new feature for all Android users. This feature lets you schedule a text message so you can send it at a later time and date.

For example, if you want to say a happy birthday to your friend at midnight, or if you want to send a message to someone later before you forget what you needed to say, this feature can help you. Well, it is very easy to do. Just make sure that your device is using Android 7 or higher. Here is what you need to do to schedule a text message on Galaxy A50:

  1. Download the newest version of Google Messages on your Galaxy A50. You may already have this app if you do not see any updates available for your device.
  2. After that, you can open the Google Messages on Galaxy A50 you use. Continue the process by choosing the recipient of the user to send a message.
  3. Create your message.
  4. Your screen display will see a pop-up schedule. You can select when you would like to send the text, for example later today, tomorrow, later tonight, or a date and time in the future.
  5. Tap on send on your Samsung Galaxy A50.

Those are all the guidelines on how to start having a scheduled text message on your device. Your Samsung Galaxy A50 will display the scheduled message confirmation to tell you that it will not arrive at your recipient before choosing the date and time. Continue by tapping on the clock icon, close to the message. This way will help you update the message with a new text or to send or cancel it.

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