Galaxy A50 Performance Review With Exynos 910 Octa

Galaxy A50 Performance completes the smartphone packing to hit the market. Samsung makes the Galaxy A series more diversified this time. After introducing the A10, A20, A30, A40, A50, Samsung also has A70 and A80. These smartphones come out with the big concern on the new AMOLED screen. Meanwhile, the camera skills have a premium offer.


Eventually, Samsung made several transformations, from the presence of all-metal, water-resistant, and other things. Now, they play creatively by adding AMOLED along with ultra-wide cameras. Now, the question is – How about the performance? Today, we are going to talk about the performance of Samsung Galaxy A50.

Galaxy A50 Performance & Benchmarks

Using the Exynos 9610 chip from Samsung, Galaxy A50 Performance will be the first smartphone using it. Exynos 9610 SoC is from the Exynos 7 Series. Samsung used and combined the chip with the octa-core processor to handle the demanding tasks. The A50 works with LPDDR4x RAM for both 4GB and 6GB.

It is easy for this device to do multi-core operations because the performance is similar to the S660 chip for S710. With the support of the Exynos 9610 chip, Galaxy A50 is a nice device to use for daily operations, social media, and gaming experience. Besides, Android OS and One UI are still fast on this hardware. Overall, the performance is still great for its class and there should be no major hiccups to do any tasks.

This year, Samsung has revamped the Galaxy A-series to step forward on the market. The presence of the Galaxy A50 is to offers cool features, better performance, but at an affordable price. Therefore, you will find some good features on it – Large Super AMOLED, multi-camera setup, and nice chip.

The best part of this device is the impressive look with the use of an AMOLED screen. It is not over yet because Samsung still completes it with the under-screen fingerprint scanner. The camera is nice and the chipset supports your gaming experience. The battery can last long for some time and the best thing ever is the affordable price, starting from €280.


It is important to note that A50 is not a water-resistant device, which makes it lose the identity of the Galaxy A series. But, this device is capable to compete against the Moto G7 Plus, Redmi Note 7, and Honor 10 Lite.

If you think that the A50 is too big for you, the alternative is the A40. It has a compact and lightweight design with the support of a dual-camera for its back, with the main camera, has 16MP, and the ultra-wide camera to offer 5MP.

In conclusion, Galaxy A50 Performance, battery life, design, screen, and color options just make this device is the right choice. The support of the One UI and the competitive price makes us do not matter to accept that it is not water-resistant, a big point that makes it different from its predecessors. The device is still the favorite choice and if you have a plan to buy a new device soon, this one is a good one to consider.


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