Galaxy A50 Specification

Galaxy A50 Specification is interesting to know. To know better about this phone, Samsung completes it with an Infinity-U display in size of 6.40-inch. Additionally, the display covers the phone edge to edge, and it almost has no bezel. Samsung also supports it with the presence of FHD+ resolution along with Super AMOLED color.

Galaxy A50 Specification

This brand new device has a premium and pure look. It is available in several colors; black, white, and blue. The body design is slim that will fit in your hand. Thankfully, Samsung completes it with smooth and seamless curves for all sides with the presence of glasstic back along with an On-screen Fingerprint scanner.

Galaxy A50 Specification – Triple Camera

There are three cameras added in Galaxy A50. First, it is an Ultra Wide Camera with the capability of a 123-degree field of vision just like our eyes. Second, it has a 25MP camera to produce clear and bright photos. The last is the Depth Camera with the capability of 5 MP to adjust the depth of the object. Even though you are capturing in different lighting, this device produces crisp photos during the day and sharp shots during the night.

Additionally, the camera as the part of Galaxy A50 specification has a scene optimizer. It lets you take a photo of your pet, food, and anything you love. Scene Optimizer on this device identifies and enhances any object by using artificial intelligence. It is why your phone will deliver photos with good brightness and saturation level.

Other than that, the camera has Flaw Detection. This feature catches blurs, blinks, and other things that will let you know to try again. This way will help you create the right shot at the right time. If you are using Galaxy A50 for selfies, the result looks good. Moreover, the front selfie camera has 25 MP to offer vivid day photos and clear night selfies. The selfie focus allows you to use the camera by creating a blurred background as well.

Galaxy A50 Specification – High Technology Features

The next interesting part of Galaxy A50 is the high-tech biometric authentication. The presence of an on-screen fingerprint scanner identifies the unique fingerprint. It means only you that can press or unlock your device.

Even better, the battery can last quite a long. The battery capacity is 4,000mAh which will support you use this device to game, share, and stream. Even there is Samsung Galaxy A50’s quick Fast Charging to support you.

One UI makes the hardware and the software of this device work together. All content and features you can enjoy at your fingertips. Furthermore, there is a Night Mode to help you enjoy using the phone in the dark with the intuitive and clear visuals.

The last important thing is security. Samsung completed this device with Face Recognition to unlock the phone instantly. To do so, hold it to your face and it grants your access to make sure that your data will not go to the wrong hands.

Samsung’s Secure Folder is also powerful security that will let you create and encrypt space privately, including photos, documents, and voice files.

That is all about the Galaxy A50 specification. Overall, it has the best design, storage, performance, camera, screen quality, and battery life.

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