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Finding the best methods to screenshot on Galaxy A50 with or without a power button are possible to do. Maybe you are just tired of holding down the combination keys to make sure that the screenshot works. In this article, you will get the complete guide to take a screenshot on Galaxy A50 easily.

galaxy a50 to screenshot

You need this feature when you have a nice conversation and you would like to share it with others. Taking a screenshot is all about using the awry combination of holding the keys, the home, and the power button on Galaxy A50.

Best Tutorial on How To Screenshot On Galaxy A50

Here is the complete guide:

  • If you want to take a screenshot, you can press the power/side button and the volume down button on your Galaxy A50 simultaneously.
  • Once you do this, you will get some options. If there are no options below, it means the screenshot is already in the Gallery of your device:

Smart Capture – Let you capture the hidden parts of the screen. But this one is not available for all screens.

Crop and draw


  • Once you completed the desired changes to the screenshot, you can tape the following action: Share

Save – If you want to view the screenshot you have taken on your Galaxy A50, go to Gallery and then choose Albums and open the folder of Screenshots.

Well, that is all. It is super easy to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A50, isn’t it?

How to Take Screenshots Without Using Power Button

The next method to try on your Samsung Galaxy, including the Galaxy A50. There is a big reason why Samsung Galaxy devices have their big fans. It is because Samsung completes it with simplicity and a good user experience. Now, you can take screenshots without using the buttons on the device. You can use this one if you are willing to try to.

What makes this method is worth trying is because you do not have to use the buttons to take the screenshots. It works if you have a Galaxy device after 2013. This popular feature is Palm Swipe. It lets you capture easily. To do so, you just have to use your palm on the left side of the screen, and then drag your palm to the right side of your device.

After that, your device will recognize your motion gesture to capture the screenshot. And then, it will save to your Samsung Galaxy.

Here is the complete instruction to follow:

Go to the home screen of Samsung Galaxy. After that, navigate the way to activate the feature:

  • Settings > Motions and gestures > Palm swipe
  • Next, you can take a screenshot of Galaxy A50 by pressing the toggle switch, located on the top-right corner of your device. Doing this way will activate a Palm swipe. You can start capturing by heading back to the screen that you would like to capture.
  • Place your hand on the left side of your device, and then swipe it to the right gently in a single motion.
  • Your device will capture the screenshot of your current screen and then save it to the Gallery app on your device.

Well, that is all about screenshots on Galaxy A50. Hopefully, the methods above are useful!



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