Samsung Galaxy A50 Price: Best Phone for Your Budget

Galaxy A50 Price is one of the best factors to help you decide whether it is worth having or not. Samsung announced the updates to Galaxy A-lines in April for its best budget. Samsung released it as the best weapon to compete against the newest iPhone SE 2020. Some models even have the new features including 5G with the price under $400 including headphone jacks.

galaxy a50 price

The coming of Galaxy A51 will be the sequel to continue the life of the predecessor in 2019, Galaxy A50. We can say that Galaxy A50 in 2019 seems not as fancy as the newest Galaxy S20. But, Samsung discounted it from $350 and now it is at $300. Therefore, it is possible to say that A50 is one of the two best examples for Android devices since you can get it for less than $400.

Galaxy A50 Design

Galaxy A50 looks similar, especially in its design and size to the Moto G7. But, we can say that several details make Galaxy A50 look better than the Moto G7. For example, the Moto G7 comes with a large camera bump located at the back of the phone. It is not a deal-breaker, since iPhone has it as well.

But, take look at the camera of Galaxy A50 that has a more flushed design, sleeker, and flatter. The front-facing camera is featured with a smaller on-screen camera notch. This design makes the device looks less obtrusive especially when you are viewing the screen display.

Additionally, Samsung released it with the in-screen fingerprint scanner so it has a more seamless design. On the other hand, the back of the Moto G7 comes with a visible reader with the Motorola logo. Even there is a logo on the front of this device which makes it look a little bit unappealing.

Galaxy A50 also comes with an AMOLED display if you compare it to the LCD screen of Moto G7. Even though both of these phones offer the same pixel density and resolution, but the screen of the Galaxy A50 is brighter while the colors are more vibrant.


You can say that you like the Moto G7 for its affordable price, fantastic design and it is a great choice when it is about the inexpensive price, reliable performance, and nice camera. However, still, A50 is better even though the Galaxy A50 price is more expensive. If you have an additional $70, it is good to go for a Galaxy A50 over Moto G7.

For the users of Moto G7, they will get one advantage that is the water repellent. Even if you cannot submerge this phone underwater, it comes with a Nano-coating that will protect the phone against water splashes and sprinkles. Well, you will not find this water protection to Samsung A50.

Even though Galaxy A50 does not shoot 4K video, but the longer battery span and sleeker design make it a better choice. Those are all things you should know about the Galaxy A50 price. Well, the choice is in your hands.

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