Use Screen Record Galaxy A50 To A Platform Easy Way

Use screen record Galaxy A50 can be useful because it allows your device to record anything on the screen to make a tutorial video. This feature also allows you to save the screen recording files on a video file. It means you can send or upload what you have recorded to a platform such as a social network.

screen record galaxy a50

Well, most people at this time have a big demand for recording on video with sound or story on Instagram, video call, or others. Up to now, there is no pure method to use screen record Galaxy A50. It is because you need to use the Game Launcher application from third-party apps or from Samsung.

Tutorial to Screen Record Galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A50 is using Android 9.0 or Pie. If you want to record anything on the screen, you can try the following steps. Well, it only takes five minutes to complete the tutorial:

  1. Check the screen recording icon on your device. You can go to the quick access panel of Galaxy A50 (If you have it, jump to point 5)

How to check this feature simply by unlocking your device and sliding a finger from the top edge of your screen down a few centimeters. This way will help you display the quick panel. The quick settings are the place to set up the Wi-Fi network, mute, Bluetooth, airplane mode, and others. Slide down again using one finger. This way will help you find the full panel to check the presence of the screen recording icon.

  1. If you do not see the icon yet on the quick panel of Galaxy A50, simply click the edit icon.
  2. Your device will display a floating menu. After that, tap on the “Button order” to start editing the buttons you want to show on the quick panel of Galaxy A50.
  3. The settings icon in the quick panel of your device will appear below. After that, you can add the settings icon to the panel with a blank space as the separator. Click the screen recording icon and drag it to the bottom to start adding it to the quick panel. When dragging, try not to drop it.

If there is no screen recording on Galaxy A50, it is possible if Samsung has disabled it and it is not available on your device. On the other hand, if your device has the icon on the quick panel.

  1. Next, you can start recording the device in two methods. First, press the volume up together with the power buttons of your device.
  2. Choose the HD quality or mini video. The device will also record the microphone sound by default. This is important to make sure that the audience can get your explanation about the operation of a certain app.
  3. There is a 3-second countdown on the Samsung Galaxy A50 screen. This feature allows you to record everything that shows on your screen.
  4. To stop recording, it is good to hit the volume up and the power buttons at the same time on this device. Alternatively, click on “Stop” located at the top left of the display.

That is the complete tutorial on how to use screen record Galaxy A50. To get more information, you can leave your comments to let us know your experience of using this tutorial.


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