Split Screen On Galaxy A50 Best Method to Easy Way For Beginner

Are you looking for the best method on how to split screen on Galaxy A50? What is a split-screen feature a multitasking choice that will help you use bigger screen mobiles. Well, this feature also lets you use two applications at the same time, side by side on the smartphone or tablet simultaneously.

split screen on galaxy a50

For instance, using this feature allows you to use WhatsApp on a single screen and at the same time, you can open YouTube in the other window. It is an important feature because it helps you a lot to increase your productivity. Here is the complete tutorial on how to activate screen multitasking on Samsung Galaxy A50 in this guideline.

Best Way to Use Split Screen on Galaxy A50

Samsung Android UI, including OneUI, TouchWiz UI comes with a split-screen feature. Learn more about this feature and how to activate the function here.

  1. To open two applications at the same time on one screen, you must open the Split-screen feature on Galaxy A50. To start, open the Recent App window and tap on the Recent App button if you are using navigation buttons. Alternatively, you can use the Swipe up and the hold gesture just in case you are using Gesture navigation.
  2. After that, you can scroll through the Recent Apps. Here, you have to find the app that you would like to use and open it on first top of the window.
  3. To continue the process, press and hold on the icon of the application located at the top of the App preview. After that, choose the Open in Split screen view option.
  4. In this step, you have to choose the App to open on the second screen from the list of the split-screen. If the application is compatible, it will display on the second screen.
  5. After choosing the selected apps will be working at the same time with the feature of Split screen. You can even use it for Landscape and Portrait window easily by activating the device orientation.
  6. Click and then drag the blue line that separates the two applications to resize the apps.
  7. To disable the split-screen features, simply hold the blue line. After that, swipe down completely to the bottom of the screen. Another way is to tap on the Recent Apps button and then choose the Close icon on your Galaxy A50.

How to Use Split Screen on Galaxy A50 Using TouchWiz

If you are using the older device, Samsung does not present an inbuilt multitasking split window feature. Therefore, you must have a third-party app to use a split-screen.

To start using this feature, you must open the Google Play Store on your device, Galaxy A50. After that, you need to look for “Split-screen multitasking” located on the search bar. Next, hit go and choose the available applications that offer this feature you like and tap on Install.

Once you have completed the installation of the Split screen app on Samsung Galaxy A50, you can launch the app and then hit on the Split screen button. This way will help you start enjoying the multi-window experience.

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