Driving Mode On Galaxy A50 Turn Off Your Device Easy Way

This tutorial shows you how to turn off driving mode on Galaxy A50. Maybe you have a big question about whether this feature exists or not in this device. As you know, Samsung provides this feature for Galaxy S4 and the later Samsung Galaxy model smartphones.

driving mode on galaxy a50

Driving mode is a nice feature, it supports you in avoiding distractions and staying focus while driving your vehicle. It works by letting the incoming text messages in silent mode. It also works by sending calls directly to your voicemail. The text messages and the mobile calls will get an auto-reply to tell the sender that you are driving right now.

Disable Driving Mode on Galaxy A50 – Settings Menu

Here is the complete tutorial on how to disable driving mode on your device, Galaxy A50:

  • Open Your device and go to the app drawer, the grid of dots on the Galaxy A50’s home screen.
  • Launch the Android’s Settings, the grey gear icon. You can find this icon close to the top of the app drawer.
  • Find the “My device” tab on the device and then tap on it. You could find this option at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll down, and then you need to choose “Driving mode”. Some versions of S4 it is also known as “Hands-free” mode.
  • Slide the “Driving mode” so it is to the “off” position. The switch is at the top of your device screen. If it turns green, it means that you have activated the driving mode. Therefore, you must turn it off.
  • Tap on the Home button. Using this tutorial means that you will turn off driving mode on Galaxy A50. It means that it will not activate while you are traveling.

How to Turn Off Driving Mode on Galaxy A50 From Verizon’s Message+

Another method to disable the driving mode on your device is by following this tutorial:

  • Launch the Message+ app. It is a red application with white speech bubbles. Verizon offers the user of Samsung smartphones this service by providing a pre-installed text service with a driving mode. It is the alternative if this feature does not exist in your device.
  • Please note that the method here will not work if you are not using a Verizon phone.
  • Tap the three lines icon at the top left corner of your device display.
  • After that, if the Message+ opens to a conversation, it is important to hit the “Back” button at first. Well, you can find the button on the top-left corner of this device.
  • Toggle the Driving mode right to the “off” to disable the driving mode. This way will stop the feature to read any information from the sender, including incoming calls or text messages.
  • Hit the home button. This way will help you close the Message+. Next time you are driving, the app will not read aloud any incoming messages or responding to the sender with any text message to remind them that you are driving.

That is all the complete tutorial on how to turn off driving mode on Galaxy A50. Hopefully, you can try this tutorial immediately

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